Real Touch In Action

Why get Realtouch?

RealTouch is offered by one of the largest distributors of adult entertainment. The new technology is being introduced for $199.95 but that price could go up at any time. The videos that control the device are about .50 per minute.

Depending upon how much time you take to get off, it is only slightly more than renting a dvd and then having to make 2 trips to the store, having a little old lady look over your shoulder, dealing with a snooty store clerk, and finding parking. On top of that, you still have to do all the work using your hand.

The introductory offer includes an hour of video time, a free introductory supply of lubricant, and free shipping.

Although sex machines do not replace live sex, they are a fabulous supplement. The RealTouch is FAR better than routine masturbation.

The advantages of a sex machine, include:

1.) They don\'t get tired.
2.) They never have a headache.
3.) They don\'t ask you to buy dinner.
4.) They don\'t engage in endless chatter.
5.) They don\'t expect you to get down on your knees and reciprocate.
6.) They are always wet, warm, ready, and waiting.
7.) They never require snuggling
8.) There are never endless emails or phonecalls
9.) There is never a demand for foreplay

Is lube necessary for RealTouch?

You must keep the lube reservoir filled with a water-based lube.

Check the level before and after each use to provide you with a more realistic and a more enjoyable sexual experience. RealTouch is designed to dispense the precise amount of lubrication to duplicate a real-life sexual experience.

Does RealTouch work with Mac computers?

Currently, RealTouch works only with a PC. Hopefully the Mac platform functionality will be available in the near future.

Can a condom be used with RealTouch?

It has been done, however it is NOT RECOMMENDED. It is possible the belts could pull the condom off and tangle in the mechanism, thus damaging the unit and possibly causing injury.

The unit is easily cleaned, it won\'t get pregnant, and you should never share sex toys.

Will RealTouch work in the shower?

No. RealTouch is not waterproof. RealTouch is not designed for use without a computer and internet connection to RealTouchTheater.

How does RealTouch work?

Inside the RealTouch, three tiny servomotors power the belts to create the sensation of real oral, anal, vaginal, and a variety of other sexual positions. The soft, pliable belts squeeze and stroke the penis in conjunction with the action on screen.

A lube reservoir and a warming element provide radiant warmth and a natural level of wetness to feel like actual penetration.

How can RealTouch duplicate actual sex?

RealTouch uses haptic technology to recreate the feelings you would experience during actual sex.

Haptic technology adds the sense of touch to all your favorite adult movies, allowing you to not only see the action on screen, but to experience it in realtime, too. It is the same technology employed by companies like Microsoft and NASA for use in video game controllers and in space training simulators.

What\'s inside of the RealTouch?

The patented dual belt drives inside RealTouch are comprised of a soft, supple material called VersaFlex, engineered to feel just like actual skin.

Like all RealTouch components, the belts have been tested for comfort and for safety to ensure that RealTouch remains the most pleasurable virtual sex experience money can buy.

Is RealTouch a vibrator?

RealTouch is not a vibrating sex toy.

RealTouch uses a stroking motion to perfectly simulate the movements of the human body during intimate sexual contact in synchronization with the video you are watching.

Unlike a vibrator, which is applied to one particular erogenous zone at a time, RealTouch strokes the selected parts or even the entire length of the penis to feel just like real sex.

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